Guruji Shri G. Narayana, Chairman Emeritus of Excel Industries Limited, Chairman and Director of several companies, is now also spending a missionary life as a mentor to a great many people through his inspiring and motivating books and talks. Guruji is himself a living example of leading an extremely fulfilling life.

Diving deep in to Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Tao and other religions he found some universal themes and realizations – expressed in different ways.

Fierce believer in action and experiential realization, Guruji observed Noble Silence and Noble Eight fold Path of Gautama the Buddha, learned Holy Quoran and sought to connect with Allah by offering Namaz in a mosque, traveled the 18-days journey of Gita and earned his revelations. True Guru he is, he generously shared those revelations through books, articles, seminars, workshops, stories and one-to-one session with serious seekers.